Ensure safer industrial operations

Harnessing the power of data to increase the safety of workers and equipment in the industry through a software based on Artificial Intelligence

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We offer the best security solutions

Work Orders

Its creation and prioritization can be automated thanks to an intelligent processing of asset data, which allows a friendly visualization for both managers and maintenance performers.

Asset Monitoring

Dshbird innovative approach places the asset as the centerpiece of the platform, unraveling the reasons for poor performance and illuminating the path to the best decision

Data Driven Features

Dshbird is a fully data-driven platform that already exists in its industry, learning from previous incidents and presenting possible scenarios where there is risk for your employees

Industry 4.0

The best practices of the industries of the future are entirely based on the use of data as enablers of Digital Transformation. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics guide the initiatives that will take us there and Dshbird can help you in the data collection strategy to sharpen this vision


The agility of artificial intelligence in favor of your business and the safety and lives of your employees. Avoid the worst downtime there is, caused by incidents with the best talent in your workforce

Analytics as a Service

Your industry certainly produces a wealth of data. Learn how to extract the best from them and bring direct gains to your business









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Our goal is to support the sustainable development of Industry 4.0

We believe that life and the environment always come first, so we dedicate our knowledge to ensuring that safety issues are taken to the highest level, combining technology and responsibility.

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